Bioremediation and Wastewater Treatment

Bioremediation is a process of cleaning up the environment using the cleansing potential of microorganisms and plants. Both plants and microorganisms have a great potential to clean up the toxic substances present in the environment. This ability is a result of presence of different enzymes that can break down complex substances and destroy their toxic properties. Cleanergis Biosciences has patented a process for cleaning up Molasses spent wash, a effluent of the molasses based distillery industry using different principles of bioremediation such as mycoremediation, phytoremediation etc.

Solid Waste Treatment

Solid organic waste if disposed untreated can be a source of pollution and harmful for the health of all animals. Solid organic waste when treated appropriately can be made harmless and also be a source of rich nutrients for organic farming. Cleanergis Biosciences has developed cultures of microorganisms that can do this and then vermicomposted to make rich manure for the growth of plants.


Consulting Services

Cleanergis Biosciences has a team of senior Biotech professionals that can give excellent consultancy in the area of life sciences. They have worked in multinational companies and can help you with your difficulties in life sciences.