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Spirulina 1
  • Rich in protein vitamins and minerals which can be used as an exquisite health food.
  • High amount of protein in an easily digestible form, minerals, vitamins, essential fatty acids and antioxidants that are not available to humans from any single vegetable or animal source of food known so far


  • Medicinal use: Used for treating inflammatory bowel disease.
  • Used for Extraction of starch and triacyl-glycerol.
  • Used for wastewater treatment and biofuel application.


  • Removes nitrogen (ammonium) and phosphorus from anaerobic digestion wastewater
  • Bioremediation: Can be used to remove COD, phosphorus, metal ions(ferric, aluminium, manganese and zinc) and any pungent smell. 
  • Can be used for nutrient removal and biofuel production.
  • Can be cultivated on the effluent of the wastewater treatment plant. 
  • Biomass produced is a good source of biofuel.


  • Scenedesmus is a useful dietary supplement due to its protein content and fatty acid synthesis.
  • When mixed with other microalgae and bacteria like anaerobic digestion substrates, it can be used in methane production.
  • Scenedesmus has pigments, which are accumulated in the cell as carotenes, that are used in the food industry, because its antioxidant power may decrease the risk of cancer.
  • The most important applications include biodiesel production from lipid synthesis, biosorption of heavy metals in blackwater or other habitats with minimal nutrients.


  • Used for food and feed application
  • Used for wastewater treatment and biofuel application
  • Used for extraction of pigments


  • Used in wastewater treatment.
  • The alga may be useful in the flocculation of lipids from wastewater.