Cleanergis Bioscienes Pvt. Ltd.

Cleanergis Biosciences creates innovative, high-quality products for food and waste-water treatment. The company conducts research and development of some powerful enzymes obtained through microbial sources. Cleanergis' patented "Wastewater Treatment technology" relies on microbes, and bio-films to perform the function of the breakdown of Industrial Effluents. Cleanergis also offers services and consultancy in Cloning, Protein expression, Protein purification, Protein engineering, and Bioremediation.

Cleanergis recently developed novel and award-winning technologies cater to the Sugarcane Industry's waste-water-disposal. The company has deployed its technologies in partnering Industries in India and Thailand where the concepts are validated and used.

Cleanergis has excellent laboratory facilities and technical knowledge. Cleanergis has an experienced team of Managers, Scientists and Consultants for handling all major molecular biology and protein engineering protocols.

The company was awarded the following major awards for its innovation.
1. Biotechnology Ignition Grant Scheme (BIG), Department of Biotechnology, Govt. of India. 2016
2. Indo-Spanish Programme for Technological Cooperation, Award year 2015
3. DST-Lockheed Martin, India Innovation Growth Programme 2015. Innovation Award.